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Be safe and smart while on the internet

Hello all,

I have come to notice that some of you are putting your email address, screen names and such in your posts. This is not a smart idea. The internet is a great tool and should be utilized, but we also have to realize that we are placing personal information into an area that can be seen by others.

I would suggest not putting your full name, phone number, email address, screen name for chat or skype and so on.

These boards are also hear to stimulate conversation about issues that deal with visual impairment, employment, career, school, life and the challenges we are dealing with. We can ask for resources or hope to meet other people who are visually impaired or not visually impaired.

This is also not a dating site, but you can find people to chat with via the message board.

What do you hope to do in the future? How are you going to get there?

Good luck and I just want you all to be smart when posting things on any site whether this one or AOL or Yahoo or anything.

Your concerned friend,


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Re:Be safe and smart while on the internet

and now about a year later, Sarah posted her phone number and email address on here.

Re:Be safe and smart while on the internet

I get it, design roller coasters and your username is Six Flags Girl. I know not to post that information too, thank you for warning us!
I like the threads you posted!

Re:Be safe and smart while on the internet

I know better than to post a phone number or email address on the internet, but thanks for reminding us. That is very nice of you. When I graduate high school, I will hopefully design roller coasters. That would be great.

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