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How to ask for accommodations?

How do you all ask for accommodations? I have been looking for what works best, I have tried a number of ways of asking. Can you all give me some examples of what works for you.

I know when going to talk to teachers, I try to give specifics on what will help me.

Have you all had any bad experiences when trying get accommodations?

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Re:How to ask for accommodations?

Be specific in what you need, don't be afraid to speak up and say you need something, present what you need for accomodations to them in a well thought out way, and just communicate. I have learned that if you try to build a little friendship with instructors, or teachers, getting accomodations is a little easier. I have great relationships with my college professors, and they are willing to help too much because they "love me so much." I will sometimes write or email a little note about what I need and introduce myself to a new professor, but I've generally taken classes from the same ones.

Good luck

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Re:How to ask for accommodations?

I have a bad experienc every day. Me and my mom have been fighting for accomadations ever since I was in first grade. Whenever I ask for something I just get an excuse as to why I can't get it. I am in 10th grade, and I have had nothing but trouble since day one. It is awful. I hate school.

Re:How to ask for accommodations?

Usually giving specifics about what you need should be okay, I have had teachers talk to me like I am a baby because I asked for accommodations but if you keep in constant contact with them in person and through email you can usually keep good repore with them and they will be more than willing to help you.

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