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Does anyone else battle depression?

I am suffering from depression from loneliness,and I don't have very many friends. I am 16 years old. I am a blind girl from California, who is looking for friends to chat with. Is anyone interested? I cannot do email or instant messaging, so could you please find another way to contact me? I would really apreciate it.

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Re:Does anyone else battle depression?

I have been doing a lot better at dealing with my depression, thanks for the support. I really apreciate it.

Re:Does anyone else battle depression?

Depression is the most awful thing ever.

Re:Does anyone else battle depression?

I totally understand your loneliness and depression. I experience the same type of thing and had a hard time with that in high school, and deal with it some today too.
It does help to talk with someone about it whether it is a family member, counselor/psychologist or who ever; find someone you trust and strike up a conversation and let it all out. I started feeling a lot better and changing things after I did so. But it hasn't helped one hundred percent. You have to keep trying like being on here.
I'm in college and still battle depression on a daily basis, and I know it is hard; keep the faith.

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Re:Does anyone else battle depression?

Hello there friend:
You posted on my post (hahaha that sounds silly) and I noticed your post. Please keep posting on here if you need to chat. I log on frequently but rarely talk to anyone.
Even though I am studying to be a psych, I still suffer from depression and I go to counselling. Talking to people and retelling your problems really helps.
We'll be in touch through here.

Re:Does anyone else battle depression?

That is tough, have you seen a counselor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor to talk about this? Having someone to talk to about this is important. Being lonely is hard and having very little friends can make life a little tougher.
Do you interact with people at school? Have you tried joining any clubs or support groups for the visually impaired. Do you have any community rehab groups, they would know about support groups in your area.

This really is something important to address, have you talked to your folks. I know I had certain people I could talk to about vision loss when I lost a lot of it. I also went to a counselor to talk about it. It is nothing to be embarassed about. Having an impairment can be tough.

I am sure that there are people that would be there for you, you just have to reach out!

there are also free counseling services through the community or via phone.

I know I was told not to give out my phone number or email address on the internet, so I think that was smart of you.

You can always post on here. Feel better!

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