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coping with death of educator

This isn't totally blind related.
A long time professor at my college has been well loved and has been a good friend to most of his students. He taught speech and got many people to over come their fears of public speaking. He did a lot for his students and the community. He was kind, gentle, caring, passionate, down to earth, and a great instructor. He was the type of guy who would stand there and hold your hand until you were able to achieve your goals and be there for you.
He past away last week due to complications to diabetes, and it has been hard thinking about him and what he did for me.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to get through this time and still keep on with my semester?

Aiming Big

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Re:coping with death of educator

You should do what Mimi said. And think that he is in Heaven with God right now. That is very sad. My mom has type 2 diabeetes. I hope I helped.

Re:coping with death of educator

thank you

Aiming Big

Re:coping with death of educator

Wow this is sad especially for me since I have diabetes and well, you never know what can happen. What you could think about doing is surrounding yourself with loved ones and friends and just keep yourself busy without hiding your pain for your loss. A similar thing happened to me with a history professor during a semester but then I would remember how important education was to him and how he would rather I push hard on my classes and keep it moving.
Hope this helps and you can always reach out here for support.

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