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who on here has good mobility skills and gets around good on their own? I am really good, and with a cane or without one, I go about everywhere independently including the regular bus and travel and shopping. Everyone thinks its "amazing" but for me, its life.

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lol you are a laugh riot!!!!! that happened to me but because my brother made me fall in the mud, stupid kid didn't fall. he is two years older than I am. No worries, I got him back later by tripping him with my cane. lol Good times.


ya mimi, the better you are at it, the more mishaps. I've fallen several times. On my eighteenth birthday, I was going to choir class, and the sidewalk was full of other kids, so I went around on the grass and slipped in mudd. I was covered in mud from head to toe and luckly the teacher and a couple friends from class were right there to help clean me up, but it was enbarassing, and I am very weary about walking on grass now especially when its rained.


I am awesome at it. That is why I am getting a dog. I am so happy about it!


As independent as I am, I am terrible at it sometimes and i think it's because of my attention span. i tumbled down a flight of stairs a few weeks ago, yes, in university. And the person who saw me and helped me is going to be one of my professores next semester. Needless to say, Mimi is not good at mobility.

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