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so those of you who have traveled, what do you find easier to travel on, plane, train, or bus (bus meaning greyhound)?

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Re: traveling

I like to travel by plane bus and light rail


ya, I find the wheel chair thing quicker sometimes and then sometimes its a pain. But security is an ease with the help because you don't have to wait in line and wizz through


I think they are super nice to the blind, they will not insist on helping but they will offer to push you in a wheelchair so that you can get to your flight quicker and get on faster. if you wait to long people start shoving and with carry-on bags it can get messy so the staff just tries to help. But you can refuse if you want, i just find it more cconvenient to accept their help.


I'm flying on an airplane for the first time since I've been completley blind; any tips? I'll be with my mom and a freind, so is airport staff still going to try to help me? As long I'm with my mom and freind I won't need any other help. Does the airport treat blind people the same way they treat people who aren't blind? Anybody have any wierd airport experiences?


ya me too, except for one lady I had recently in San Fran who got lost and dragged me around every where on the tarmack; my head almost hit a noise of a plane


Yeah, I agree with Mimi. A plane is my favorite way to travel. When I took the bus to the mall, it took two hours. It was awful!


plane, hands down. i love airport staff usually.

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