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For those of you who are students, how do you keep focused while studying and retain the information? I am using a lot of electronic text as of late for textbooks, and after a little while I feel tired and like I have a headake or my ears start interpreting jaws as mumble jumble. I just find it difficult to focus on reading chapters especially ones that are 20 or 30 pages, and after I'm done I feel like I can't confidently tell someone what I just read; it feels like information over load. How do you take notes while reading etc? I have the same issue while listening to RFB&D books, except I wind up falling a sleep to them. Plus, I try to pull over nighters to catch up and I'm so exhausted I don't learn that much and wind up saying the heck with it. I need better study habits. I hate being like this. Any suggestions/comments/help appreciated!

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I'm totally blind and I use braille to read my books.
How do you get books on the computer like that?I don't really like RFBND ether.


i have the same problems. you could try studying with another person or read small sections at a time then you won't think "oh my gosh i have soooo much to read and i'll never get it done." good luck hope this helps. tiffany


I totally agree on what you say, I have the same problem and I hate the RFB books, it sounds like old people switch every page and they sound like they are asleep themselves or totally out of breath. Jaws doesn't cut it for me neither, especially because I have the attention span of a fruit fly.


I have the same problem. I sleep in class. Every time I listen to a lectur from the teacher, I fall asleep. I hate going to school. Just think about something interesting, and that will help. That is what I do.

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