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I'm new to this post

I'm a sighted person. i know this is cheesy i was watching this show caleed pretty wicked and these girls were dresssin up and looking good and they found out that their guests were blind men... anyways after i watched the show i was like i have been closed off for a while but i've always wondered about being blind i have so many questions. i am looking for a friend ages 20 to 26.

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Re:I'm new to this post

Sorry, people can not diagnose your light flashing over a post on a site like this. They could try, but this is a teen site. Many things can cause flashing including your eyes trying to accommodate, change in lighting, many conditions also cause this, but it would not be right for someone to diagnose you. If you have questions such as about that, I would suggest seeing an eye doctor or low vision specialized eye doctor.

Services is a general term... If you are talking VR services through your state's rehab services, then you can work with your counselor in your current state to help you transfer to a new one. Most likely you will have to open a case with them and apply. Each state has different standards and policies, so you should contact your state to find out.

I wish you luck and enjoy your weekend!

Joe S.
AFB CareerConnect Staff

How do I post??

I am blind in one eye and the other eye I have flashing lites
they look like very long vertical flashing lites
I was outside and it was happening it happens inside too
It was not very sunny out today Im quite scared and dont
want to loose what vision I have should I call up my opthomologist?
I also have epilepsy
I finally got my dog approved to be a service dog by my doctors
And now I guess I am to mail the signed paper into a licensing
service agency
Can anyone advise me on
1-how to post is this right way to do it?
2-Should I notify my eye doc of vertical eye flashings?
It has been going on for a week now
3-Is there on particular service place to mail in this form
signed by my doctors for registration approval for service dog?
4-After I move to a differant state must I register my service
dog in the new state? Will I have to get all new docs to sign
a new form in a new state?

Re:I'm new to this post

hi i am 19 and visually impaired i would love to answer your questions. tiffany

Re:I'm new to this post

Hello, my name is Sarah. I am blind. I am 16 years old. I love to ride roller coasters, carnival rides, bungee jump, and listen to music. I even ride horses. I live a very adventurous life.

Re:I'm new to this post

hello. If you want, you can post here and i'm sure lots of blind people would love to answer your questions.

Re:I'm new to this post

Hey my name is lazy

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