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Hi all, I am wondering how you deal with research for papers. How do you find sources, and sift through the info for what you need? Do you know a head of time what you're specifically looking for or discover it as you go? How do you deal with specific requirements such as sources published in the last year, sources that are at .edu's and .gov's only especially when not many show up in a search? How do you narrow broad topics.

Just curious how other people do it. I'm in the mist of trying to do a paper on deforestation and climate change and having a hard time finding sources and meeting the professors requirements.


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I just use google mostly, but research really isn't my thing.


when i do research i first obviously picka topic that i think might fit the requirements. then i use my schools online library and databases since they have journal articles that can be more reliable for papers than just news papers and magazines. then based upon my results i can usually tell if my topic is to large or to narrow to fit the paper. then i like to read the articles and see if i can even use them or not. then i try to make sub topics for my topic based on the information in the articles and try to fit the information from the articles into those sub topics. some people create the sub topics first then go and reade the articles and find the information because then they know exactly what they are looking for. hope this helps good luck tiffany


Usually I use google or my librarys web site, since i am in uni my school has a wide database of articles.


Whenever I want I want to find something, I google it.

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