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I am wondering for those of you that are familiar with some online coursework and blackboard etc. Do you think a class like math is doable online? I've done English, geology, and some psychology online. I'm thinking of checking how math might work. I have to take two math classes before I can transfer out of a community college to a university. If I take the classes person I would be able to transfer a year from August. But if I take an intermediate algebra class online this summer I could transfer in January. I'm just concerned about the accessiblity thing.

I know I'd probably have to hire a tutor or reader really dirt, and I mean dirt, cheap because my rehab services won't help me and I don't get enough financial aid.

What do you all think?


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I have been on Terminator, and I love it.


Oh cool, I never knew that. I will use Jaws to research when the new coaster at Six Flags will open.


Sarah, jaws is hell of easy after a little playing for a few days. It is easy and expands your horizons more than a braille note.


Jaws is way too hard. I gave up on trying to learn it.


I think your rite Wicked I've tried writing math problems down and Jaws does read it weird.


i would not recommend math online. i do use blackboard and it works well with jaws but i still don't like it. also idon't know if you have any vision or not but i use both print and braille and find that either method works because print is visual and braille is tactile but the point is the numbers are right there and you can go at your own pase for each problem. And i don't think math would work very well with jaws. of corse i don't know if you use jaws but i do. it may not work because when jaws reads it just reads a whole line or whole sentence or whatever and to hav to go number by number and not have any tactile refrence to go off seems like it would be very hard because you wouldn't know exactly how the numbers line up or exactly what shape you are looking at and so on.


If you don't have enough money for a good tutor, you can get make free money at

I hope you find what you need.


I am absolutely horrible in math. I have a D minus in math right now. If I could, I would do math online.


i've told you that it's a bad idea to do math online. It's very intense and I don't know if it would work great with JAWS.

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