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Need help... Randam survay!

I have just been given this survay and I need this question ansered! Please post your answer on here and I wil be very grateful!The question is If yu had a family room and you had to choos floor covering, What would you choos out of these 5 options? A Carpet, B Wo!oden floor, C Tiles, D Laminate E Concreet. Please reply

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Re:Need help... Randam survay!

I think I would choose Carpet because it makes the room more comfortable.

Re:Need help... Randam survay!

I would choose hardwood floors. We have wood floors in our family room.

Re:Need help... Randam survay!

hardwood floors

I think carpet cuz it looks nicer. Re:Need help... Randam survay!

I think carpet looks nicer.

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