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any visually impaired music majors out there?

hi i am 19 and am a theatre major in college. i also take voice lessons and am in 2 choirs. i have learned the basic music braille but find it very difficult. i primarally use braille rather than print. i was wondering if there are any people who are music majors or people who have taken music theory and what they use to do it. whether it be print or braille or any computer programs they use. thanks tiffany

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Re:any visually impaired music majors out there?

Hi I'm a high school trombonist i used large print music and I'm learning braille right now so it wasn't even a possibility i me if you want i might could help you i know both treble and base clef and i have friends in both chorus and just about every instrument group you can contact me at (deleted by admin).
hope i can help music has been a natural talent of mine I'm or rather i was in the marching band as well as the concert and Jazz we took first in the 3,4 and 5 A comps last year. if i can't tell you something I'll try find out

Re:any visually impaired music majors out there?


Re:any visually impaired music majors out there?

I used to be a very good drummer. I took band it middle school and I used braille, but I quit because it was too difficult.

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