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blind chat line the home is up right now and the i am working on the rest of but you can send a comment or a question or just call us at 218-936-1419

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Re:blind chat line

Hi Friends. I am Sahr Yillia a 26 years old partially blind african male currently on studies in India.
I actually appreciate the blind chat as I would love having friends outside africa.
my contact details are emails; or mobile numbers are +919846543713/+919633555387

Re:blind chat line

I'm 16 right now. But I will do it when I turn 18.

Re:blind chat line

hi Sarah,
how old are you now. and i am sorry the chat line is for people over 18. but we will be here for you after you trun 18. and the chat line is on the phone.
have a nice day my friend.

Re:blind chat line

That is awesome! I'll have to check that out. I have always wanted to instant message with people.


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