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taking risks...

hey its amanda again. some of you guys on here (sarah mostly haha) like to take risks. i am a scardy cat and always have been im not scared of heights like i used to be, but the things you guys do (bungie jumpiing, sky diving, etc) is what i ish i wasent scared of. is there any pointers on how to get over it and be more daring? i want to start off slow, how can i build up the guts to try the costers at Six Flags?

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Re:taking risks...

It is really cool and awesome!

Re:taking risks...


Re:taking risks...

Roller coasters. My favorite roller coaster is Tatsu because you fly.

Re:taking risks...

What are coasters?

Re:taking risks...

What do you worry about on coasters?

Re:taking risks...Hey sorry that my postes don

don't make since i keep typing to fast and making to menny mistakes haha O, iam so use to braille contractions that i havent typed or even gotten use to it Paulina

Hey girl whats up just read this

I don't think i am supper brave because when we went to knots bery farm with my dad family i got nervous at boomerange because i didn't what was going to happen and when it finished i thought it was vert fun even when i got off i was disy haha Paulina

Re:taking risks...

i actually went on a upside down roller coaster, it was california screming at california adventures. the only reason i went was because my bff Pauls was with me and shes super brave. i just want to go on one and not worry to much because it gets in the way of having fun

Re:taking risks...

Hi Amanda. If you want to build up the guts start out on a not so scary upside dow ride such as Revolution. I used to be terrified of everything until my mom tricked me on rides. My first upside down roller coaster was Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's Berry Farm. My mom would tell me that the roller coaster didn't go upside down and it really did, I was forced to ride rides, that's how I got over my fear. The best coaster is Tatsu!

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