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Hi everyone. I know that you all are very wary about giving out your myspace details, and that's completely understandable. But I'll give out my details because I really want to talk on myspace. My display name is (this has been deleted for the protection of the user). To find me just search for Sarah (deleted) and look for the name . Hope to talk to you all on myspace soon.

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oh, oh as time goes by.


I want more people to talk to on myspace. I need to find somebody who goes on myspace as m*ch as I do.


Yeah, sometimes that happens to me, but it hasn't happened on here only on myspace because of those visual codes.


i was so scared because i couldn't log in here and going crazy and I thought that someone had hacked what do you guys think Paulina

Re:Myspacewow your lucky y

i don't see or talk to her as much as i want to but i think that going to the same school agaion might help Paulina


Me and my best friend are usually hanging out every weekend or talking on myspace.

hi good question

we hung out a lot more often when we little but knot that much anymore Paulina


How offten to you hang out with each other?

Re:Myspacehaha girl thats so funny

are you at home right now Paulina


shark week? haha i thought your dad would be checking out the anchor women or somthing

Re:Myspacehaha thats so funny girl

no its cool all they are doing is watching shark week go ahead Paulina


haha Pauls i dont like accent it sounds australian or somthing l o l. hey i want to call you again is it to late im afaird i'll wake your mom up haha

Re:MyspaceHi whats up

when it talks in english it has an acent
its really cool


I have never heard of it.

Hi SEara its Paulina how are you doing Iam ok

I was wondering have ever heard of NVDA screenreader

Re:MyspaceHey in what section would i find you

you don't half to tell me your user name if you don't want to hope to hear from you Paulina


That would be fun. My 1est friend used to talk to me on myspace all the time, but she got grounded from it so she can't talk to me on there. Anybody is welcome to send me a friend request on myspace. Hope to hear from you soon.


hi seara its Paulina i don't have a myspace but i know some friends and family members that so maybe i will look for you or i
will just make one for myself hope to hear from you Paulina

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