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true love online?, is it real?


some think you can't really date online and others think you can, so i want to know what you think on a few things

1. have you?, would you? date someone online?

2. sited or blind? or do you not car

3. in the same state,city, or town? would you make it work? a call a day?, email, IM?, voicechat? web cam? would you act with others your friends, do you tell them? or wait

6.would you ever send your boyfriend orgirlfriend gifts and/or money?

7. how much would they know of your life? the names of your love ones, your day to day life, what you like or hate ect.......

8.would you ask someone out online ever? how long do you have to know them before you would ask them old do you think it is all right to start dating online? 18? 17? 16? and would they be older or younger then you? do you think you would make it work? or fell?

thats all i really hope you can answer this, i was bored and thought it be fun to see what you think of online dating, thank you for your time and for some taking the time out to leave a message. hope you find it a bit fun, by by m2e

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Re:true love online?, is it real?

gradually losing site in many ways-trusted sites on line i think are ok however buyer beware-my experience was not a fruitful one at all as that is behind me presently i think meeting persons at fuctions are the safest good luck

Re:true love online?, is it real?

I was wandering the same thing.

wow@ thats crazyRe:true love online?, is it real?

Sarah thats crazy i know this isn't a good question but how did you give out your phone number and how did you find out he was a pervert sorry if this affends you in anyway Paulina

Re:true love online?, is it real?

I'll only talk to someone online if I have met them first. I feel comfortable talking to you guys, I just will never give out my phone number ever again.

Re:true love online?, is it real?

No, I wouldn't date online. It just isn't safe. I've dated people in the passed at my old high school. I've have never dated online, nore, will I ever. I have dated people, they all act like little kids. I'm 18. So I'm mature. So, I've stopped "hoping" for a girlfriend. I figure, it'll happen when I least expect it, you know.

Re:true love online?, is it real?

I think it's not safe to date on line.

OMG that's crazyRe:true love online?, is it real?

Hey it's Paulina and no i would never ever date someone online and if i did i would make sure that the website is safe and i would knot give out names of people i know i have never really dated anyone befor but i have liked people and i have never told them If i wanted to talk to someone i would meet them anyone where or talk to them online and yes i would deffinetly get to know them a little bit first

Re:true love online?, is it real?

No I would never date online because It's dangerous. On Tuesday, I gave out my phone number out to some guy who claimed that he knew me and said he was a lind teenager and he called me and it turns out that he was a pervert. Mimi is right, you shouldn't give out your details online.

Re:true love online?, is it real?

sorry in response to that first part that i messed up on my last post i meant no i have never dated anyone online and i dont know if i would.

Re:true love online?, is it real?

Wow ok I had to open a document to write down all your questions so that I could refer to them to answer.
No I have never dated anyone and I don’t know if I ever would.
Sighted or blind I don’t know. I have dated a totally blind person before and it was really hard because I am totally blind so maybe someone sighted or partially blind.
I have dated out of my town but I doubt I’d date out of my state. Long distance relationships are so hard.
I think I would use cell phone, texts, IM, emails, social sites, visits, whatever it would take.
My friends always know when I am in a relationship, and I do mean always.
I would not send extravagant stuff, I like to give little things but I have always gotten treated like a princess and have gotten lots of gifts and even money from my boyfriends.
Since I don’t feel comfortable divulging info online that is personal that would make me question dating someone online but if it was a bf I met in person I would tell all.
I never make the first move or ask anyone out and I would have to know them for a little bit before they could ask me out. Maybe they could take me on a date or something before asking me out.
I think 18 is a good age to make safe decisions about who is safe to date online.
Like I said, I don’t know if I would date online so I don’t know if I would try to make it work.

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