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Hi guys it's Elizabeth. I'm sorry that I haven't posted to you scence Thursday. I spend the weekend at my Grandma's house, and their hardly was internet. Thanks

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you my friend, are forgiven.


I am also sorry for not responding on sighted person with a question.


Hey everyone. i am sorry that i did not respond back to you on errors with windows xp. Please forgive me. I had internet explorer and i could not respond because it took me for ever to find that link. But now that i have fire fox i can find it more faster and easier. All i have to do is press keys, insert F. 7. That is also a command for jaws. I do not have jaws and i can still use that command.


Bad Braillenote! Bad braillenote! Bad bad bad braillenote! Laptops are cool to. What operating system do you have?


Hi everyone. I am learning how to use my laptop right now because my braillenote crashed. I like using jaws. It is fun.


yewiuro dsyuoi Cat! Sorry, my cat did it again.


It was tuns of fun. I'm good. Thank you for forgiving me.

It's ok Re:Sorry

Hey, Elizabith it's Paulina how are you i understand was it fun

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