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So I am taking a social psychology class. I have to do an experiment, not survey; actually have to do something with naturalistic or participant observation or use something called garfinckle. So tonight a lady had a great idea in class. What do you guys think about steeling ideas, and maybe modifying?
Or does any have any suggestions on what I can do--I'm drawing a blank? Mimi do you have any good experiment ideas that are simple?

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I cant help you either.




I'm sorry Rockstar I don't know how to help you. You guys should call each other and try to exchainge Idias and come up with new ones.


I imagine that participant observation would also be hard for a blind person, that's what I've been thinking


First, don't steal her idea because then people will think of you as the idea stealing cocky guy and no one in class wil like you haha.
But no seriously don't touch her idea. Leave it alone.
Second, naturalistic observation is hard for blind people so talk to your prof about maybe an alternative study or working with a partner?

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