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Hi everyone. I just wanted to know if you guys turn on your firewall when you are online. I you do not, i recommend you do. Because a firewall prevents hackers, viruses, and any other softwares that can damage your computer. I allways turn mine on. And my anti virus program. Including windows deffender. Every time i turn on my computer, i have setup all of those protection programs to run automatically with out me turning on them myself.

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Also if one of you does not know what a firewall is, i will be mor than happy to explain that to you and what it does. A firewall blocks viruses and hackers, and other software that can damage your computer. Do not use just your anti virus because it is not protecting your computer enough. When you have two things running, your computer is fully protected and no harm can come to it. I have three things running. I have my anti virus software, my firewall, and windows deffender.

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