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Blind boys


I am interested in having friends and a boyfriend who is blind. I know that may seem strange. But I would like to get to know people on here so if you want please say hi.

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Re:Blind boys

haha me to girl you know it lol love this song

Re:Blind boys

i want to move to NY! lucy Duck! i want to live there, San Fransisco, or New Jersey i love those places they are so me :)

Re:Blind boys

Hanna i live in Southern CA it's really cool what is new yourk like Paulina

Re:Blind boys

Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I'm interested in making friends.

Re:Blind boys

Horrible lol. Its not bad its just it gets way to hot for me, I have only been here for a few months. I live part time in New York where I am from. What state do you live in?

Re:Blind boys

Hey, hanna i wish i could meet other blind people in my area that's cool that you live in flordia how is it like there Paulina

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