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Are we ready for college and or work?

I started college and it was a big change for me. Has anyone gone through this already? Do you have any tips for a new college student. I am only taking a few classes to adjust.

Any tips?

I bet it is a big change to go from school to work as well. Probably even more so then from school to college but I am taking this one step at a time.

It is a big change having all the supports from high school and then in college being kind of thrown out there mostly on your own. It is kind of sink or swim.

Keep Rocking!

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Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

Wow, I wish i would've logged on to answer Paulina's question. Some awesome ways to meet people are through clubs and organizations, living in the dorm, and meeting people in your students with disabilities office. You'll find that college has many students with disabilities just like us who just want to make friends and sometimes sthose are some of the closest and strongest relationships you can acquire.

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

Hey, Mimi what are some good ways to meet people in college even though i'm knot in colege i just want to know so that i'm prepared

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

Although that advice is good, having a social life in college is also important. don't forget that though you are there to learn you can also meet some very worthwhile people along the way.

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

what are tests like are they harder than any other or just the same

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

I'm currently a sophomore even though I was a jnior I changed my major. It's different in many respects than that of schools. There is no IDEA to protect you to ensure you get everything that you can possibly want or need in college just the minimum. The biggest things in college are:
1. be serious in studies because your there for a degree ot some friends you will lose along the way to partying and other things
2. be focused on studying at the beginning of each and every semester to expect the highest without the overwhelming or stressful affect that accompanies it.
3. prepare yourself in the future for the cruel world of discrimination and how to fend against it
5. advocate for on campus and the things you need
6. learn your city to get out every once in a while with public transporation, taxis or firneds or famiy members that drive that you trust.
note: if you need to know just post

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

Hey mimi what is college like paulina

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

Hello, i am a senior in college, i went to a community college and now to a university. Yes it is very very very different from high school and it is a sink or swim kind of deal but it is not impossible. If you have any questions go ahead and ask.

Re:Are we ready for college and or work?

hello, my name is paulina i havent done that what is your name and what college do you go to just wondering nice to meet you

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