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hey guys!!

hey guys!!! its jillian i havent been on here in so long!! alot has been going on and none of its good :( its so crazy my friends have ditched me and vision stuff is just cray i had another surgery in september. just abunch going on. i am always looking for a good friend to talk to seeing as how mine have ditched me.

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Re:hey guys!!

if they ditched you than they are not real friends. Do not worry-things always get better
and welcome back!

Re:hey guys!!

oh my goodness Jil im so sorry about it all of that! if you want someone to talk to i'll be on here, those people were'nt your friends if they just left you like that. at least your ok from the surgery since your back on. how did that go by the way? -amanda

Re:hey guys!!

hey jillian that's sucks and yes welcome back glad to hear from you i don't think you shouldn't worry about your friends because if they ditched you then they are knot real friends

Re:hey guys!!

Welcome back Dancerchick.

Re:hey guys!!

what do you mean they have ditched you?

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