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A great experience

What do you think about blind people that are integrate in usual schools?

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Re:A great experience

Yes Its is good idea

Re:A great experience

everything is great, that's great!

Re:A great experience

Hey! thank you for your great answers! I'm glad to hear that... I go at a usual school too and I don't have words to describe my feeling. I'm happy because I can show my teachers and my colleagues that to be blind it's a small problem and I'm glad that I can give them a lesson of life. I have a lot of friends that help me a lot. Without them I would not manage. I think that this subject have to be promote mor like everybody to understand us very well. And because I love meating new people I think that we will keep in touch... my email:

Re:A great experience

I think it is great. I'm blind, totally, and I goto regular school.

Re:A great experience

i think it's great to have blind kids go to regular i'm legally blind and go to a regular school and it's good and this way you can experience new things and that way sighted people can learn what it's like to have someone different in there lives and i don't mean everyone who can see just a few people who may need it

Re:A great experience

I think it is a great thing
I am legally blind and go to a regular school-everyone is really nice about accommodation. I also have friends who have no vision and go to regular school.

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