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Braille and Print Reader

Hey Guys,
Because I am going into IB the course work is alot. Is it a good idea to try half braille and half print to reduce the strain on my eyes? Do any of you do this?

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Re: Braille and Print Reader

That sounds hard.

Re:Braille and Print Reader

How you know about IB I have no idea-considering my school is the only world IB school for miles. If you have experience with these classes as a legally blind person-please let me know! I am going into this next year on my own as no legally blind person in my state has gone through the courses in my situation.

Just for reference-I completed the scheduling process for next school year. Am a diploma candidate by default (i have more than the prerequisites necessary to enter due to my enrollment in a full Pre-IB programme).

I plan on taking english and history in braille, while remaining to take the remainder of my classes with large print. The problem currently is that I no longer have the visual stamina to read large print for the amount of time necessary. There are 20 page journals and extensive reading assignments given in both of these classes-and it is intended that using braille in these courses will decrease the strain on my eyes.

I would not go between braille and print in one class. I am the only Legally blind student in my district however we have the materials to transcribe from braille to print and print to braille.

Thanks for the help

Re:Braille and Print Reader


If one were low vision, but had the capacity to function under braille forms, they would find that the combined performance would be a thing of flexibility. For instance a running log, or a stationary arsenal, would both be quite useful. If you were to record what it was that you received, when, and in what format, you could keep a continued file on stand for any confusion that may arise later.

To progress, you could then look at two other stemming issues. One is teacher accessibility, being that teachers may not have the direct capacity to read braille. Ink Printing, or Counter-transcribing, would then assist them in reviewing your materials. The other problem here may be most easily stated with the idea that is one wishes to utilize such a system, there will undoubtedly be initial restrictions of some kind, a glitch, if you will.

Do you have the time to figure this out before semester begins, or will you be confined to learning as you go throughout your courses? IB is not more difficult, by any means the work is not more conceptually unnerving, but it is a very, very, very visual set of courses. Diploma or Baseline are both strenuous, and there are many forms of IB classes that will go even above and beyond the absolutely base requirements.

Happy Explorations,

Re:Braille and Print Reader

I can't see good enough to read any print.

Re:Braille and Print Reader

I fear if I continue to read toomuch print my vision will degrade

Re:Braille and Print Reader

I don't read print at all.

Re:Braille and Print Reader

i mainly use braille if you can keep track of what you use it braille and print for i am sure you will be ok try it and see sorry i wish i knew

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