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im bored/random

i am bored. how is everybody today? i have to go to the doctor tooday and dont want to, im scared of doctors!!!! so whats new? whats this other wensite ya'll talk about on here? what is it? is it fun?

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Re: im bored/random


Re:im bored/random

hey its not the swine flu! lol! just an upper respitory infection.

Re:im bored/random

Hopefully it's not the swine flu.

Re:im bored/random


Re:im bored/random


Re:im bored/random

i have to go cuz ive been sick for a solid week and its not going away. i hate doctors

Re:im bored/random

I'm bored too. I absolutely hate going to the doctor.

Re:im bored/random

The website is @
Click on the link
"Register for free"
Why do you have to go to the doctor?

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