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Sports/Gym/PhysEd Class

Hey guys,
Do any of you play sports? Also-what do you guys do in gym class? I am always so bored because we walk on the track in adaptive gym or something. If not I just kick around a soccer ball but I can't do much. My teacher says if I dont like it then I should come up with my own ideas but I dont have any!! Please help!

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Re: Sports/Gym/PhysEd Class

Yeah that's a good idea.

Re:Sports/Gym/PhysEd Class

Why don't you try something like beepball or goal ball or something like that here s a site that got some sites you could get your teach to check out

keep me posted

Re:Sports/Gym/PhysEd Class

I am curently not in gym classes, but maybe you should do like some stretches when you are bord.

Re:Sports/Gym/PhysEd Class

I'm a junior and don't have gym. When I did, I just sat by myself.

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