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Hi my name is Katelyn and im kinda new at all this. I was recently diagnosed with ushers's syndrome making me legally blind and hearing impaired. I am planning to go off to college in the fall of 2010 and just wondering if there're are any good scholarships that i could apply to. Also, if you have any tips that could help me prepare for the college life, that would be awesome =)

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Re: Scholarships?

Lol what's wrong with Jcole White?


oh my god! It's Nicole White!


What exactly is ushers's syndrome? I have never heard of that. HOwever, I will look it up and see what i can do.


Heloo, katelyn nice to meet you!! welcome to afb!!
My name is paulina i'm legally blind and a junior in high school i think that you should check out the how to prepare for college subject


You should check out post on college preparation from a couple weeks ago. Check with your state vocational rehabilitation agency. A number of states have funding dedicated to college or professional training as part of a IPE (Individual Plan for Employment). Each state has different policies on this, but you really should be registered with them if you are not.

They mentioned AFB and NFB, but there is also the American Counil of the Blind. Look for some general scholarships for students with disabilities as well. You would be elligible for those opportunities as well. There are also online scholarship guides and books that can be found at libraries and such.

There is an article on the AFB CareerConnect site about finding funding for college. I would utilize as many methods as possible.

Good luck!

Joe S
AFB Staff


Hi my name is Bobbi, I'm a senior in high school.

Yes there are a lot of scholarships for visually impaired students. Some of these include AFB, NFB, and the Association of Blind Citizens. for more you can just type in scholarships for the visually impaired in a search engine.

And there are a number of things you need to do to prepare for college. . . . idk where to start.

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