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saddd :(((

im so sad! my brother has been in the hospital since the 4th but sick and bedridden since december. my mom is with him all the time and my dad travels for a living so hes not around alot except this week hes working from homeand its so hard. i miss my family and normal life soooooo much, it makes me sad. i dont know what to do!! i have cried more this week than in a looong time. i just miss normal life and i hate being alone, always have since i was born. i feel so alone and sad. what do i do? im so lost

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Re: saddd :(((

I hope that your brother was okay.

Re:saddd :(((

Never give up hope. No that you ar never really alone. I no how lonelyness feels like and it is not a good feeling, but if you keep on praying and hoping then everything will turn out fine. Goodluck and hope you feel better soon. Chris

Re:saddd :(((

turn that :( frown upside down, cause you gotta have faith everything will work out.

Re:saddd :(((

thanks i love you guys :)

Re:saddd :(((

Rebecca's right.

Re:saddd :(((

Hey Jillian,
Hang in there! Take a deep breath and try to refocus. Think positively and have hope. I am sure things will get better for you :)

Re:saddd :(((

oh no! That is extreemly bad. No matter what happens, you will never be alone. I will be here in your heart. I am hear. I am the wind blowing, I am the russling of leaves. I am the trees swaying in the wind, for I am here for you.

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