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lighting problems

ive been having a problem with lighting and its getting worse like when i go outside to insiide or to a dim room to a bright room or vice versa, my good eye isnt adjusting to the light fast at all, its taking forever and in some places its like im totally blind when i walk in the room. i know this a problem with a my eyes as no one else has this problem with normal vision/eyes that i have been around. just wondering anybody else have problems with this? this has also been convining me to use my cane more. i just started learning the cane and trying to get used to it.

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Re: lighting problems

My eycs bother me if I'm looking in the direc;n of the sun.

Re:lighting problems

I have no light perception what so ever.

Re:lighting problems

I have lighting problems to but I have Retinitis Pigmentosa when I got out of the movie thearther my eyes hert for a minute a to ajust.

Re:lighting problems

you give so much good advice, it's unbelievable how nice you really are to me.

Re:lighting problems

I am sorry this is troubling you! It is tough as our vision changes and we have to deal with symptoms or issues that is causes. Yeah, that is your macula or the higher density of your cone cells that allows you to see color and the retina overal works on light. The retina is really interesting, it has layers like an onion. In graduate school, I had the opportunity to disect a cow eye and see the parts of the eye/touch them. The cow eye is similar to the human and bigger. This was during an anatomy of the eye course at a university.

I hope it all works out with that and I am sorry that you have to go through it. I hope you feel better.

Keep your head up and keep living it!

Joe S.

Re:lighting problems


Re:lighting problems

thanks Joe! and yes i have a retina specialist since i have ROP and they think the lighting issues are from the underneath side of my retina (the part that has to do with alot of light and colors and stuff like that) isnt working like it should be and there isnt anything that can be done, just another thing i gotta get used to along with my cane, i just sarted learning to use one and it takes some getting used to

Re:lighting problems

That is called accommodation, your eye is accommodating to the change in light. The gets shaped by muscles and such, to adjust to the change in light. That is tough, many people go through this type of thing, including myself. I wear a hat or visor outside or inside in bright areas. Some people wear sunglasses which is suggested when outside. There are many different sunglasses specially made for persons with low vision. Different colors and percentages of shades can be a huge difference. Some people prefer amber or orange colors during the day and yellow in evening or night. If you wear sunglasses or protect your eyes, the accommodation when entering dim areas should be easier or shorter.

This was a big reason I started using my cane, so when entering dim buildings and such. I would take my cane out and use it for my needs.

It is always a good idea to consult a eye doctor or low vision specialist. Some lens can become harder and cause accommodation to become more difficult. There really is a ton of things that could cause this issue, but you can overcome it. It is great that you are talkng about it, continue to express yourself and monitor these issues.

Just some thoughts.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:lighting problems

I'm sorry.

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