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what is

HI there. i wonder how jaws 11 works. like, what features does it have that jaws 10 doesn't have. i do know that you can use multiple synthesizers. anything else?

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Re: what is

Jaws 12 is the best.

Re:what is

well, not nessisarily.

Re:what is

does jaws 11 read more things than jaws

Re:what is

sounds nice.

Re:what is

well, there is a lot. First of all, the voice ajust is very different. There is an option in Jaws to either select a voice profile, or voice ajustment. In the select voice profile combo box, there are 2 combo boxes. They are for explorer, or default. this means when you go to the start menu, there will be a different voice, but when you are task switch ing it will be the same voice as when you are in the start menue, but if you go to a window, it will be a different voice. A feature that you have tho, is a say all speach sinthasisor. For example, you are using Anna, but you want Eloquence to read the hole document, that is what the feature is. You can use Anna, but still use eloquence to read the hold document for you.

Re:what is

i love jaws 10. yeah it's a bit easier than NVDA but i still like NVDA. i have 2 screen readers. and it doesn't hurt to press enter for forms mode anyway. i'm used to it anyway. although i'm not sure how jaws 11 works. i think it has more features than 10 does.

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