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Public school!

Hi i bet many people who go to public school and are visually impaired or blind and people can tell they seem to treat you different. Now i don't really have this problem i go to both public school and school fror the blind and deaf. i usually fit in but most of the time its just becuaes people can't tell i'm visually impaired. but my boyfriend seems to have the problem of Whispering voices talking about him being "that one blind kid." and i can tell that upsets him so what are you to do in that situation? is that normal?

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Re: Public school!

Yeah, gon luck!

Re:Public school!

What state are you in? What areas or states are you looking at?

I am a bit partial to the services in Florida and Texas, whether it is in the school or through the transition programs from their VR agencies.

In Florida, I would say that some great areas are Hillsborough (Tampa), Broward (this county has come a long way), and Leon (Tallahassee). I am very biased though. I know the services very well in that state, but worked with a lot of other states. I can tell you that they are one of the best states for services for teenagers. Those school districts are very good with a lot of talented staff.

I could offer advice on a few other states, but I thought I would throw that out there. But, I am sure that you can find quality services in your area. Have you visited FamilyConnect and connected with other parents and families? Have you connected with NAPVI?

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:Public school!

I am a parent of 12 yr old VI twins.We are looking for a good public school and a good community setting .I would love any feed-back you have.Thank-you.

Re:Public school!

I deal with it all the time.

Re:Public school!

hahaha i found that funny how are you doing?

Re:Public school!

such good advice.


hello, i also go to a public school and i deal with the same problems i think everybody does and i think you should tell him to ignore them there just giving him a hard time and he doesn't need that no one does and if they keep bothering him i think he should tell them to leave him alone
hope this helps paulina

Re:Public school!

just ignore them! They are trying to give him a label that he doesn't need!

Re:Public school!

I go to public school full time. I use a cane in school and read both large print and braille. I have been going to this school for a while and I know people make comments but I just ignore it. That is not who I am.

Re:Public school!

sorry about all the spelling mistakes was in a hurry

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