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lost my vision at 14

I am 16 and lost my vision at 14 in an ATV accident...anyone else out there going through the adjustments like i am?

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Re: lost my vision at 14

I have been blind since birth.

Re:lost my vision at 14

I've always had vision trouble but it got bad when i was 13 i became legally blind and told theirs nothing they can do.
so I've been going through the adjusting process as well. At school other than my 6th and 8th grade year i haven't gotten much help from anyone really and treated bad by my teachers.
and my town is basically a hole in the wall so theirs no services and now I'm learning braille at home while going to public school and doing marching band in the fall.
i hope you have a better time finding services and adjusting if you wanna talk you can either contact me on here or by my email.
good luck

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Re:lost my vision at 14

Hey there, my name is Chris, I'm 14, and I am fully blind. I too have had a hard life. I havant exactly gone threw the adjustments you are going threw because I lost my vision at the age of about 2. I go to a public school and live a crazy life. I would like to be your frend and if you have any questions I will be happy to try my best to answer them. I do want to give you some advice. Just because you had an accident, dont give up doing everything that is fun and that you enjoy. I to have had my fare share of accidents. Goodluck and I hope I hear from you soon.

Re:lost my vision at 14

I was born blind and have had a hard time in life
I lost my mom at 14 and my grandmother at 17 and my dad is on drugs
so basicly I have no one to turn to right now
I don't have my best friend no more and my sister doese not like me
but lucky you you have that
buut anyway I'm 19 and I go to a school for blind
but I'm sorry that you lost your vision But It will be ok

Re:lost my vision at 14

Welcome to TeenConnect, a message board to help teens connect with other teens with visual impairments. I think you will find a number great teens on here that are dealing with or have dealt with the adjustment process. The adjustment process is a cycle and it is something that moves back and forth.

I am Joe and hope you read some of the other posts. There is some great posts by our teen users. Take a look because some of the info may apply to you.

I am visually impaired as well. I try to give advice if needed, but you will find the other teens will be a great help. Enjoy!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:lost my vision at 14

hello, there i'm paulina and i am 16 as well i have blind since i was a few months old i know that it isn't the same thing but i would love to be your friend and help threw any issues you have i know it will be hard but i know you will be fine hope to here rom you soon!
welcome to the site!!

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