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Nobody said it would be easie.

I got dittachment back in 1999. All those years I never was depend it on nobody. I started to learn brail and learning how to use my memory more. If anything that I learned from this experince is You still live life like there is no tomorrow. U still do things that you enjoy. Maybe some day soon I hope to get my portfolio together and become a model. If u have questions ask don't be shy.

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Re: Nobody said it would be easie.

I hope you become a model.

Re:Nobody said it would be easie.

You should take a look at AFB's CareerConnect site. It has a lot of great articles on employment and the skills needed for employment. You should contact some of the mentors by registering for free as a user. Explore careers and learn the skills needed for different careers and such.

You should research the requirements for being a model and learn more. There are different types of models. Runway, print, and such. There are also many scams out there dealing with modeling, you should research these, so that you are informed and aware. Be safe, do not send your photos, and personal information to just anyone. Research reputable agencies and such (if this is something you are truly thinking about).

What about having a plan B? Most actors, models, and such have other jobs or have had other jobs. This is because these are extremely competitive industries. I have friends in these industries and it took a lot for them to break into them. Some are still working to break into them after many years.

I have a friend who is a runway model and he has a fulltime job outside of that. These industries have been hit by the economy as well. People are not spending as much on these types of things (like advertising, fashion shows, and such).

There are other types of jobs in the fashion world or involving models and such. You should look at what you exactly like and see if there are other related jobs.

Just some thoughts for you.

Good luck!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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