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Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

Good morning teens!

I have been asked by a colleagu who writes for our online technology magazine to ask you all for your input. AccessWorld is doing a back to school issue in the Summer or so and would like your input. They are doing an article on the use, postives, and negatives of the devices that currently use. They are specifically looking at electronic note takers, PDAs, laptop computers, and some cell phones. If you post your opinions and thoughts, they could be used for the article. They will not be listing names or attributing to anyone, but something like "a contributor."

They want to know the issues you have found with some devices. I mentioned that most note takers do not hold formats and are limited in that arena. You really ahve to do the formats on a full version of a word processor. The limitations that most operate off a pocket version of an internet explorer.

What are the positives and negatives that you have found while using these devices in school or for school projects.

Let your voice be heard!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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Re: Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

The BrailleNote is real limited in what you can access.

Re: Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

I like the iphone because I can use it for everything, and because it works with my Bluetooth Braille display beautifully. I can use my focus 40 blue to type And read long documents including textbooks.

Re:Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users


This topic may be out of date, but I'd like to post a little of my opinion here.
Abou laptops
Screen readers, well the usual stuff like jaws and window-eyes cost so much, 700-1099, if you want professional access to stuff like microsoft word and all, but I've found a screen reader, NVDA which is free, open-source, and one of the best! It is a great replacement for jaws/Flaws and window-eyes/window-flies.
I've used a braille note and braille plus for a while now, braille note at the beginning of the year, but moving closer to the braille plus, and I've found that the braille note works with more music and all that, but the braille plus is so much faster, has wireless internet built in, and all that.
Blind people can use the touch-screen, they just need a little bit of getting used to. I use the IPod touch, which runs on the same system as the IPhone, and can use it quite well, except the typing, I might have to ask another, more successful user about that. My Samsung Sway is partly accessible, with spoken menues, not all are spoken, however. Text messages are spoken through the same voice that the IPod and IPhone uses. Digits are spoken when entered through the same voice that speaks the menues, a prerecorded voice.

Re:Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

I have just within the last year started using a laptop. I like it so much more than the braillenote or the pac mate.
I still use the pac mate though, because their is a driver with jaws that allows the computer to open and read the files on it. I don't tipically have issues with internet websites, the ones I use all seem to be pretty compadible. I am not big on touch screens either, I wish they'd never have been invented. I have a fourth generation IPod, and that was the first one that they put the spoken menus on. I also like the victor reader, it is verry useful, and it is about the only humanware product that I respect. The best part about having multiple forms at your fingertips is that if one glitches out the other is their to take its place

Re:Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

also im not very plz with blind video games. a lot of times they glitch with jaws. i like 140mafia whitch is an accessible game on twitter!!!!!!!! however i cn only play so much of tht. they need to make better blind games. they should also make an accessible version of super mareo nd an accessible version of grand feptado. bottom line they should make accessible versions of games tht sighted players play. not all blind ppl like those blind games tht they make there to hard and they make my head hirt. i really wish theyed make versions of sighted games tht r accessible so we cn experience them to. sry like all the comments on this r from me its just tht i keep thinking of mor and i want to help. i want the voices of the blind ppl like me to b heard.

Re:Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

i totally agree with wingman on the computer stuff not all sites r accessible. im totally blind nd tht annoys me tht sites just arent accessible! my cell also works great as i said in my last thing. i hav mobile speaks nd its awesome!!! i heard theres an ipod with voice over but i wouldnt want to try it. blind ppl nd touch screens dnt mix. if ur gna make something for the blind do it right.

Re:Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

im not all tht plz with my laptop. it acts like u cn use the dvd on it but u hav to download some stuff but it doesnt tell u wear to go to. also i cnt figure out how to put my cds from pc to cellphone i hav a nokeea e71x its great so iknow its not my phone thts being evil its my stupid computer. also i tried the eyephone nd it sucked! i had to take it back nd get my money back no one should hav to go threw all tht! the stupid lady acted like it was so wonderful it wasnt nd i think they shouldnt mislead ppl touchscreens nd blind ppl dnt mix. i do think they should make a eyephone fore blind ppl like me tht dnt do good with touchscreens. really wat blind person does. u could call it the blind phone loljk. dnt call it tht. a lot of ppl would take ifence to tht.

Re:Electronic Note Taker, Laptop, & PDA Users

Well my experience with electronics more specifically computers has been interesting.
One con about some sites on the computer is they are not all accessible.(some sites a screen reader can't read because its in hexadecimals or something like that same goes for some PDF files)Though their are more sites out their now that have accessibility settings their are still not enough.maybe 1 out of 5 will have accessibility settings.
A pro is some search engines have a built in magnifier now the only issue is it doesn't all ways make it big enough.
I'd like it if Screen readers etc. could run on any brand name whether it be Mac or PC.
Also the desktop accessibility settings they need to be a bit easier to use they're not always the simplest to set up i didn't really know about it till i saw a video tutorial about it.My grandparents weren't able to set the settings up by their selves.
My experience with cellphones is pretty limited but it works pretty well other than the font not being adjustable and it being to small. I really have very little to complain about the AT&T razor.I mean the buttons are really big and clearly separated and the numbers light up its really nice compared to other phones my friends have their is just one other thing i have to complain about it has too many ways to access the internet the first month i had it i was stepping on to the internet all the time by accident.
Now the ipod that i have I'll be the first to admit it its had its problems but its just bugs since it was one of the first 2nd generations out,but one thing i think apple should work on is giving the ipod accessibility settings and that's pretty much it. It really helped me whenever i had to listen to a audio book for school.
I read a article about the ipod reading the titles of the songs etc. to you i believe it was called ivoice but i could never find it anywhere it wasn't on the ipod it wasn't on itunes it wasn't even on apples website.So if it could be put in settings on the newer model ipods and iphones I'd be happy
I'm not entirely sure about the newer version of this software.
The cool part is all you have to do is speak the bad part is you have to wait on the software to catch up with you and by the time it does you loose your train of thought.
The software for kids that go out on home hospital needs a LOT of work i was on it this past semester the one i used was called Odyssey. I had to depend on my family to help me complete the assignments because it wasn't set up for anyone with an IEP.You couldn't go back and read something without watching the whole video,the videos had people with accents,it was nonstop reading when you were not watching a video,It makes it impossible to retain anything,the network administrator can't see your progress without adding you to their roster and it pauses before you can figure the answer out to a question.
Their is very little good i can say about this program it needs a major improvement.
Those are a few things from my experience hope they help

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