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Yes I'am getting a labtop for school with my books on it and it can read stuff to me do you have one?

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I can't take a foreign language because I can't do it in braille. I took a spanish class in 7th grade and it was misserable!


Ive been trying to talk them into one our VI program is horrible =( the worst part of it is our county is the second biggest in the state pretty pathetic huh.The worst part about it is I'm taking a practicably all computer class next semester and i have nothing to make our IBMs that they've had since my mom was there might i add accessible i keep telling them it would make things so much easier on them and i because i can type notes faster than i can write them and they could put all my assignments on their its looking like I'm going to be in college before they have anything ready for me.
On the upside since I'm taking a braille corespondent class they are thinking about putting that for my foreign language


you have what now?


I have one.

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