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Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

Hey. Yesterday I woke up at my friends house and it was unusually dark. I told her to turn the light on and she said it was already on. I thought it was a joke, but somehow i don't think my optometrist would joke with me about that. He said due to pressure on my brain, i will be officially blind for some time. I will most likely get my vision back when the pressure is removed. But I'm scared what will happen if I don't. I'm an actress. I mean, I'm the lead in my play right now. How am i supposed to do it without seeing? It's tomorrow! I made a commitment, i can't just back out. And i have a commercial audition tomorrow too. And I'm an intensive dancer. Most likely i will have my vision gone for a month. That missed auditions and classes. Help. And I'm scared otherwise. I'm like nearly every other teen. I've taken things for granted. Like vision, for one. I can't belive i won't see my sisters face for a month. Or the sunset I always watch. I'm just really scared. help?

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Re: Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

Did you get your vision back?

Re:Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

I have read your corcerns, I am so sorry to hear it, but trust in God, you are strong, I know, your life is worth, ok.
Besides you will have new friends, by the way, I will be your friend if you permit to me, I am looking for blind friends, I wish to know the history of they, how they are, their thoughts, etc.

Blessings to all

Re:Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

hey there! im blind in my left eye and my right eye is visiually impaired, ive just been declared legally blind and have been learning things this yr like a cane..but i also dance! i saw in your post your a dancer, dont give up on it! i still dance its about feel and trusting the other dancers or whoever is on stage with you weather its a play or a dance routine. dont give up!! it will get better!! :))

Re:Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

hello, there i'm sorry that this had to happen to you!! my name is paulina i'm 16 'm legally blind and i think that you will get your vision back!! if you don't i would tell you that it is going to be ok!! talk with your school counciler to see if they have a vision program or service to help you!! good luck!! if you need someone to talk with there are some really nice people here!! welcome!! hope things go well!!

Re:Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

It's going to be ok what has the school done for you and how are the kids treating you?

Re:Temporary Blindness. I'm scared.

I am sorry this happened to you, I hope it improves faster than expected. I wish you luck on your performance and audition.

Your brain is swelling? What caused the swelling?

How are you utilizing the computer? Just curious, since you just lost your vision. Do you have someone typing for you and reading the screen? Doubting you have screen reading software already, nor the training since this just happened.

Hopefully you have memorized your script already, I hope it goes well! Would say, if you haven't, you should have someone read it and record to allow you to study prior to the play.

Good luck! If the vision issue persists, you should look into your local state's vision services through vocational rehabilitation. Also, consult with your school to find out about the vision services offered in your county or school district.

Explore and more. Introduce your family to

Good luck and best wishes!


Joe S.
AFB Staff

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