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For those of you that have a laptop for school how did you get it I've been trying since 6th grade and their not listening.

P.S. I'm getting a guide dog real soon.
I already know its name and breed.That's how close I'm coming to getting it.
Its name is Maggie and shes a rottweiler
wish me luck

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Re: Laptop



Hey Randal
What state county and school do you go to my EC teacher isn't that sure on how to get the county to give me one


I should be getting Maggie anytime now I'm going to meet her this week


ok i've never gotten a laptop from school and i don't want to and i don't think i ever will.


Cool! I'm 17 and I didn't get accepted. Good luck! When will you get Maggie?


I have one and they gave me one less then 8 days


I was researching Guide dogs for awhile and i found out Rotties could be guides.
I'm 16 and i got my guide from a private trainer in my area and they just so happened to know a rottie breeder.
Really just about any breed can be a service dog.
Just check out the local trainers even if they don't have a guide program you might get lucky and find a trainer that would be willing to help you select and train you a guide.

When i get out of high school I'm going to start a service dog agency.
I hope you get a guide before then
Which if you need a guide when i set the agency up I'll set you up.
Good luck

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How old are you? I have to know how old you are and how you got the dog! I've been waiting for years for a guide dog! I thought that the only breeds used were Labs and Golden Retrievers. How are you getting a Rotweiler. I had the school district buy me my laptop. I had to wait 10 years before I got mine. I'm in 11th grade but i have been wanting one since like 2nd grade. And I got it but it's too frustrating to use.

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