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ok everyone this is me windows 7 i had to create a new acount because i couldn't log in for some reason. so if Joe S can just send me an email with my password regarding my old acount, or if you could just delete this one. yeah i was having trouble sign up and i could not reset my password.

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Re: havin

It's not accessible. Damn.


premium! hi! how are you! haven't seen you on here for a while.


yeah! I am allmost on summer brake! Tat, try downloading skype mobille on to your braille note.


I'm going to Magic Mountain in 6 days!


Thanks Joe S for helping me with my issue. and i agree with you, i didn't get bann because i didn't do anything lately that was against the terms of service


I did not expire his account or ban him, I will check on the issue on Monday. Hope you all have a great week and enjoyed your weekend.

Joe S.
AFB Staff


.He probably banned you.

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