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graduating high school on sat!

hey guys!! i havent been on here in a while so i thought id log on and write something! so i graduate high school on saturday then in august i start college!!! oh my goodness time flies!!! i remmeber my very first day of high school and now im aboutto graduate! anybody else out there about to go to college? i live in texas and am gonna go to sam houston state university. im also very scared i dont like change and leaving the very few friends i have. so how is everybody? what are yall doing this summer? anything exciting?

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Re: graduating high school on sat!

My dog is Not "forced" to work. He loves it. Dogs were bred to work.

Re:graduating high school on sat!

thts good tht ur not getting a guide dog!!! im an animal rights believer nd i feel tht its cruel to use dogs for r own selfish reasons i dnt care wat ppl say its cruel to use animals for selfish reasons. know animal should hav to work. its not there nature. they need to b loved nd cared for not forced to work. they also shouldnt b forced to live outside.

Re:graduating high school on sat!

no im not goin to college yet. im goin to highschool. im 14. 4 mor years! congraduations on ur graduation!!! go to lots of partys in colege!!! colege partys r awesome thts wat i here

Re:graduating high school on sat!


You will have a lot of fun! Don't stress too much, just be proactive, calm, organized, and prepared. Prepare byt thinking what type of accommodations you might need. Contact the student disability resource center to find out the process and if you can register prior. They will probably have info on how you get accommodations at the school (some schools will work with you to get them, more and more of them.)

Learn about the campus and where things are, try to get there early to learn the campus. Learn some main routes and branch off from them. Think about the locations of classes when registering for classes, so you will have enough time to get to your next class. Think about where you are living in relation to classes, food, gym, and other resources that you will par-take in.

And most of all, prepare to have fun! Make sure to step outside the box and meet people. Put yourself out there! Seriously, you will do amazing!

To address the last post: Taking community college courses is a great experience. It can be a great preparation test for college or at least give a good taste of what it takes. Enjoy your Summer!!!

Have a great Summer break! If any of you are working this Summer, what are you doing?

AFB Staff

Re:graduating high school on sat!

hey jillian!!! congradulations!! good luck!! i am doing well!! my summer is going to be different because i don't have summer school!! i might go to my comunity college and take aclass!! i graduate next yer!! but still i wish you the best of luck!! and i hope to here from you soon!!

Re:graduating high school on sat!

thanks everybody! and thanks joe! i hope its going to be fun and i hope the whole accomendation thing isnt going to be as a hassle as it was in high school although i hear its worse in college to try to get proffesors to comply and help. im nervous about that.
and no im not getting a guide dog, it will be just me and my cane :)

Re:graduating high school on sat!

Are you getting a guide dog? Whn I go to college next yeah, I'll hopefully get a guide dog.

Re:graduating high school on sat!

Congratulations on graduation!!! Awesome, I wish you luck on your new adventure. College is a place for vocational training/exploration, social networking (even social training), life experience, and a variety of other things. You will meet people who will most likely be a part of your life for the rest of it. Step out of your box and get involved in clubs, organizations, and such. But, remember that you are there for school (often students for get the reason they are really there). I know you will find success in your journey, don't let the bumps distract you from your goals! It is an amazing time in your life where you learn to manage time on your own. Make sure you set up a schedule, list your assignments, exams, quizzes, meetings, and such in a calendar. Write down persons' names of importance, and create a rapport with your professors (professional). Be pro active and discuss any accommodations needed prior, maybe there are some ideas the professor will have that will make a difference (never know).

You will do great! Enjoy, learn, and create your future!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:graduating high school on sat!

hey MSK5 that's alsom that your graduating school. i hope college goes well, and i also hope it's exciting.

Re:graduating high school on sat!

My summer is going to be filled with exhilarating amusement park adventures!!!!

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