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College Ready Challenge!!!

College-Ready Challenge: Listen to the Fast-Paced New "Game Show" from AFB CareerConnect

Is your teenager prepared for college? Encourage your child to listen and play along as two high school students who are visually impaired compete to find out if they are "college ready." Find out a few differences between high school and college.

Listen to "College-Ready Challenge"! <> at

Joe S.
AFB Staff

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Re: College Ready Challenge!!!


Re:College Ready Challenge!!!

My daughter was diagnosed with Stargardt's about 4 years ago and is now in her last year of college. She is struggling but has done well do to the resources that are available to her at her school and to the wonderful support she has from her instructors!!! I have always told her that the college would have to accomodate her no matter what so that she could finish her degree (even though at first she did not want to ask for help because she did not want anyone to know what was wrong with her vision)
If anyone has any questions about College and their child with Stargardt's please feel free to contact me.!! I can suggest many resources and many different things that colleges have to offer for their "visually impared:" students... my email is Lots of love to all of the parents of children with any type of vision difficulties!! -Linda in New Mexico

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