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scared college freshmen.. any advice?

so im very scared for college in august. theres so much stuff i have to do especially with all the acomadations and its all new stuff and ways of doing things.. i visited the college where im going yesterday and met with the disability counslor and oh my gosh it was like info overload and the dorms are so tiny, i mean i knew they were tiny i just never imagined them that tiny. any advice on how to like not freak out? lol im soooo nervous!

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Re: scared college freshmen.. any advice?

I would be nervous too. Have fun you will do awesome!

Sarah and Wizard

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?

Don't worry Jillian. I did the same thing as you did and I survived. The campus I went to offered a suite living where I got a large single room and shared a common bathroom and living room with two other girls. It is a bit more expensive but totally worth it in the end.
Talk to your disabilities counselor and utilize them to the fullest. They are your best resource on campus.
Also, try to socialize with other students in the disabilities program. My college had a club called ASD (advocates for students with disabilities) club where people with and without disabilities got together and had an awesome support system as well as advocate group. Stay strong and keep your head held high.
Post here if you need advice and I can also try to help.

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?

Bookshare has an increasingly large collection of high school and college textbooks, as well as many texts which you can use for research and for papers. They also have increased search capabilities on their site, allowing somebody to locate books about a certain topic more easily than before.

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?

Do you use It would be another tool in your toolbox to access books and such. Most likely not textbooks, but novels, other books, and such.

You can utilize your books in print and audible format. If you are purchasing them, view them under your CCTV and listen as well. I started in that manner as well.

Keep up the good work!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?

hey there jillian i think you will do well at learning that!! and i know it will take time if you need someone to talk with or any advice i can try to help!!

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?

thanks guys! and yes ive just started with the RFB&D thing for textbooks and i just got a CCTV and am waiting for in the mail a telescope thing so it can help me see the board and a voice recorder :) this past year ive just started with all the services and stuff so its all new to me especially the textbook thing, i am highly a visual learner ive never been a auditoy learner but im gonna have to learn how. so learning how to listen to them on my Daisy Victor Stream and then pulling information out of it is going to be tricky

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?


I think she has the right idea, take one step at a time. Make a list of things that you have to do. Put them in order of priority. If there are things that will take very little time, just get them done.

If you need any advice on this type of stuff, post it on here and I can try and help. Are you a user of RFB&D or BookShare?

Yeah, the rooms are typically pretty small. I have known visually impaired persons who got a single or double room to their self, they justified that they have so much equipment, takes up a lot of room, and is very expensive. But, I am against that, part of the college experience is having a roommate. Roommates don't have to be your best friend or even a friend. You just have to respect each other. Sometimes it is better to not live with a great friend because they often don't last. Living together puts a lot of stress (when living in the same room) on a relationship.

This is an exciting time and I know you will do well. If you need help, post some of the things you are unsure about and we can try to give you some advice. There are two webcasts being released on AFB CareerConnect on the CareerConnect webcast page on June 15 & 16. They are about college preparation. They are really aimed at professionals, but it might be a good thing to check out. They are free! One is more about finding technology and the other is about college skills. I am on the technology one, but in a piece towards the end.

You will be fine, just make a list and check it off as you go.

You can do this!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:scared college freshmen.. any advice?

hey there jillian!! don't worry i know i am still in high school but i know you will be ok! just take it all one step at a time and i'm sure you will be ok!! don't worry good luck

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