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having trouble with technoligy?

hey guys i thought of an awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u know how it sometimes takes a while to figure out stuff or we cnt figure it out at all. well i thought i would share my experiences with technoligy on twitter. u guys could also help other blind ppl as well!!!!!!!!!! u could send me ur comments as well as ur experiences. to contact me u could reply to my posts or u cn email me at also my screenname on twitter is . . tht will help u find me. i just joined for the games but then i came up with this awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!! plz let me know wat u think.

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Re: having trouble with technoligy?


Re:having trouble with technoligy?

k its ready i put my first tech twit

Re:having trouble with technoligy?

o i wont b able to get this goin for a couple hours cuz twitter wont let me post on my pc and my celllphone battery died. i will let u know when i cn gt it started. in the meantime plz giv me feedback bout my idea. thnx

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