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whats the deal guys

okay i dont mean any of this in a mean way! trust me i am not a mean person! but this is bugging me and ive learned a very valuable lesson in the past year is to say whats on your mind, dont say silent all the time so here i go.. what on eath is with all the sucidal and depressed stuff on here? yes i understand that we all go thru hard times even horrible times, ive been there myself this year and sometiems when your alone and sad living can seem worthless i understand that but if your posting on here about it then thats obviously a cry out for help and were helping, so why not take the advice we are giving? why are we even bothering? and then i got on today and saw that another is member is leaving bc she is to depressed, so what one eath is the deal? if were offereing advice and ur not taking it and ur still having issues then that doesnt seem right. im sorry if anything i just said offends anyone, i truly dont mean it too,

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Re: whats the deal guys

Life can be depressing.

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