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(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

Hello to anyone reading this! I am new here (and it probably shows) but I'd really like to meet some people roughly my age going through some similar struggles. Even if they're not exactly similar, I've had a tough time meeting people who have struggled with this kind of thing at all.
I'm 18, and over the past few years I have been suffering from neurological lyme disease. This illness seems to be providing me with serious vision while I may not be legally blind, it's still scary for me to be going through.
But enough with the depressing stuff--I love writing and I always love a good music discussion/debate. I am currently re-learning braille (I learned in the 4th and 5th grade in order to tutor some blind children) which brings me to a question...for any of you who learned/are learning braille later on in life: What methods work/worked best for you?
Thanks for listening to all that rambling!

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Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

I agree with Mimi. For a job, I plan to teach other blind students technology such as the BrailleNote.

Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

Hi Leah, I agree with Carlee's post. I am 24 and have been blind all my life. I leaned braille when I was 3 and taught it for a while to adults. All her advice is awesome, especially the perkins brailler bit. I have noticed that brailling out the letters, words etc is the best method to learning and memorizing Braille.

Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

Hello. My name is Sarah, and I'm legally blind. My interests are bungee jumping, roller coasters, horses, listening to music, and dancing for fun. I'm 17, and I'll be a senior in high school. If you want to chat, my emil is coastergirl92 at

Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

My little sister is blind and I was curious about learning braille this year, so I did. I am fourteen. I started out by buying a Contractions Book from the Braille Superstore Online and a full-page slate and stylus. I had already known the alphabet, so learning that wasn't a big deal. I would go to and use their flashcards to quiz myself on Grade Two Braille. It requires sight to use the flashcards, I believe. I also checked out contractionated children's books from my local library that had the print above the words to orient myself with the more common contractions. After hashing out a few sentences on the slate and stylus, I moved onto the old, clunky Perkins Brailler. (It was easy for me to get one since my sister has two lying around the house that she never uses, but you may need to go through the local school district or blind community to acquire one). My brailling became very advanced after using the Perkins and eventually borrowing my sister's BrailleNote for a short time. mathisfun. com also has a Grade Two and Grade One Braille translation where you can type in a sentence and enlarge the dots and that proved very helpful to me. I tried my hand at the Nemeth code, but didn't get tragically far. I would also read braille any chance I got in the mainstream world. (McDonald's has braille menus and baby changing stations have braille instructions, restroom signs have braille, etc) Best of luck to a successful future!

Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

hey leah! im so happy you replied to post! yay! i love lyrical and modern and really all kinds, all throughout high school i did dance team and i loved it, even with my limited vision! my friends never understood how i did it, but thats okay i love it that much! so this year are you goin into college? i will be a freshmen in college in august, im so nervous! haha (sory joe s i know were not supposed to post personal info but email would be easier sometiems) here is my email- feel free to email me and we can chat or if it gets deleted or something we can always chat on here :)
(email address deleted)
hope to talk again soon!

Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

Hi Jillian! I'm glad you've responded to the post. I'm sorry to hear about your vision, but you seem to be taking it quite well. :) I love dancing as well--what style of dance do you like? Hopefully we can chat! -Leah (Falseindigo)

re. embarrassingly girl

hi friend are you blind. and from?

Re:(Embarrassingly shy) New girl with deteriorating vision

hey there! my name is jillian and i am also 18! i would love to chat with you and be your friend! i have ROP which is where the retina detaches and ive had 9 surgeries, and am currently totally blind in the left eye and severly visiaully impaired in the right and am trying to learn braille as well, just in case something happens to the right eye, even tho its stable now ya never know.. so anyway i would love to hear from you! :)) i love dancing, music, writing

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