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Hows everybody's summer goin?

Well my summer right now, sucks! First I went to a restaurant management business. But the chef was to pushy and bossy. Nobody could stand hm. (So restaurant business is out of my job career.) I wanted to work this summer, but going to that restaurant thing took up most of my June to start working. I really need a job, and get the phone that I want. Dang! Does anybody have any comment?

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Re: Hows everybody's summer goin?


Re:Hows everybody's summer goin?

I got a volunteer gig at my local blind center, I'm doing big things there. I'm a receptionsist and assistant instructor plus I promote the center for the community. I'm having a blast with it.

Re:Hows everybody's summer goin?


Re:Hows everybody's summer goin?

I tried calling around everywhere, but nobody is hiring right now. I even called the firefighter station, ambulance, and police. (Not 911, don't try.) Their not even hiring volunteers. I'm tring this website called, But I don't want the prizes their offering I just need the money. (Not to beg.)

Re:Hows everybody's summer goin?

Yeah, this year, after my fun, amusemen park filled summer, when I get a job, I'm going to just do anything that will pay me. I'll try volunteering.

Re:Hows everybody's summer goin?

Wow, sorry about your bad job experience. I am a recent college graduate looking for a job too. Why don't you try volunteering and such to get yourself out there and to build up your resume.

Re:Hows everybody's summer goin?

I have had a wonderful summer! Today, I went to a horse competition. It was fun! I love competing on my horse.

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