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Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!

My best friend is blind and has been blind since birth due to LCA. She and I have been friends for about six years now and I am 14. She is 13 and her little sister is 12. Our families are very close and I call her and her sisters my sisters, her aunts my aunts, her parents "Mum" and "Dad" cetera
Because I am over SO MUCH (at least twice a week), her little sister and I have became friends, too. Naturally, the oldest (the VI one) doesn't like that too much but the three of us kids are trying to work it out. Her family is getting very mad at me, though, and interfering, saying that the oldest is blind and that I am being unfair and that she can't be expected to be okay with this because her social skills aren't like mainstream kids...and all this stuff about her blindness being the only reason all three of us can't be friends. My question is, can sisters share friends (sighted or blind) and do you have any advice on how to develop the eldest's social skills because I know she has issues with school friends, too?...Thanks in advance!

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Re: Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!

My friends often left me out.

Re:Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!

I see your problem: you have two friends, one is blind, the other visual. You are friends with both, and it is making one feel left out. Here is my suggestion: try to talk to her about it, make it clear that you desire her as a friend, and be the first to defend her when necessary. If she is unsocialable she may have unpleasant thoughts about how others in the world view her. If this is true, try to push those away, I think one way to assure that the friendship is strong is to discover her weak points and try to resolve them. Try not to be forceful, or she won't like it.

Re:Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!


Re:Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!

Hello, my name is Mimi and I've been in this situation but it was a little different in some ways. I am blind and so was my best friend but not her sister. Her sister and I became close but we were kids and made the mistake of leaving her out of games at times. The only thing I can suggest is make sure you play games and do things that are inclusive of your friend. If you and her sister are both sighted and she is not it may feel to her like you guys do things that she cannot participate in. Just make sure she is never left out. Also, remember that people should be allowed to be friends with whoever they choose and should not be forced to pick one over the other.

Re:Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!

Hello, My name is Sarah. I'm blind due to Rop. Imo, you have the right to be friends with whoever you want. I don't see why her family is mad at you. You can all three have fun. As long as your not singling her out, it's fine. Just all three of you be friends, and have lots of fun together! I wish you the best of luck!

Re:Sisters Sharing Friends...One Is Blind...Help!

hi my name is randal and i am almost blind just be your self and she probly needs someone to talk to

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