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what happened to my post?

why was my post deleted?i need help with depression and if you delete my post no one will know why i'm depressed

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Re: what happened to my post?

It's all good.

Re:what happened to my post?

sory everyone :)

Re:what happened to my post?

That's understandable.

Re:what happened to my post?

It wasn't just the topic, it was that the information and profile was suspicious.

I respect all of your thoughts. We reserve the right to remove content that we believe to be fraudulent, inappropriate, etc... This is hosted message board, not a public domain.

Persons get depressed, it happens, I have shared my own experiences on here in the past regarding this topic.

The reason that the skype topic was taken down, was because it was asking individuals to share their contact information. This has been made clear many times in the past, we try to limit the sharing of contact information for the safety of the users.

Joe S.
AFB Staff

joe s can just read thiiisss

well, maybe some visually impaired blind teens are depressed. if this message bord is really 4 blind teens then we should b able 2 talk about things that we think r relivant. dont u think?

Re:what happened to my post?

ya one of my posts gt deleeted one time nd it wasnt even bad wt???

Re:what happened to my post?

I also suffer from depression. I'm on therapy and medication and it's helping a lot. The main thing that makes me depressed is school. But this year, is going to be a good year because it's my awesome senior yeah. And there will be 2 other blind students that are going to my school. I'm excited about school this year. I heard that the senior year is the best yer of high school.

Re:what happened to my post?

Thank you for utilizing the message board, but we do not feel your posts were appropriate for the board.

I hope you find a website that suits your needs. Our aim is teens with visual impairments. Thank you and good luck!

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