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totally alone

exscuse my ranting here. i feel like balling my eyes out again. things suck. i'm a senior this year but if it were up 2 me ide curl in 2 a tiny ball 4 the rest of my life. first of all all of my "friends" would rather did then talk 2 me anymore, second i've finally admitted 2 myself that i'm lesbian and if my parents find out i can say goodbye 2 the roof over my head, and third im as ugly as death warmed over in a microwave

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Re: totally alone

I felt this way for a long time, until I got my dog.

Re:totally alone

Hi! Don't feel bad. What you should do is to look and talk to your friends who can comfort you. You can also share it to me. Another thing, you can do things like writing or posting messages wherein you will be able to express what you feel. It will help you release your feeling of despair. It's me, Lucie.

Re:totally alone

thanks! and it will get better! im here to listen if ya need to talk :)

Re:totally alone

Wow that's some intense stuff you have going on there. I'm sure things will get better. You're young, don't trip so much. You have your whole life to worry.
I hope you feel better.

Re:totally alone

hey thanks, i know it sounds like im drowning in self pitty, i guess its true. u seem really kool,

Re:totally alone

hey girl! dont be so sad! it will be okay, if you want someone to talk to, on here works too! i will listen :))
everything will be okay!
would love to hear back from you :)

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