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i was watercat everybody

hello again, now my username is chlorine17 but i was watercat. idk if anyone remembers me or not, btw i have my guide dog her name is kylee. and sarah, leaderdog is in rochester michigan, but i live nowhere near there so it doesn't matter where u live at.

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Re: i was watercat everybody

My friend went to Leader Dogs and had to send his guide dog back after 3 months because it kept snapping at him and peeing on stuff.

Re:i was watercat everybody

How was the training?

Which GPS units did you guys work with?

How long was the training?

Sounds like a very cool experience!

Joe S.
AFB Staff

Re:i was watercat everybody

Sarah is one of the staff at Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester Michigan. I went there earlier this summer for the Trekker GPS training. Leader Dogs is a very nice place, I really enjoyed it.

Re:i was watercat everybody

who is Sarah Leaderdog?

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