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kids! :(((

im the oldest of 4. my youngest sybling is six but she is so behind that she acts like a 1 yr old. my 2 brothers r 15 and 13 but since wen do boys act their ages: (there r exceptions 2 that rule, im just talking about my brothers) i've decided that i never ever want kids of my own bcuz i've had way 2 much time w/ them already. do any of u want kids?

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Re: kids! :(((

My sister has a little girl.

Re:kids! :(((

yeah, you don't LOL
I know right.

Re:kids! :(((

aah, wel that's good... its nice 2 know someone likes u... :) lol

Re:kids! :(((

I have a sort of conflict over the matter.
I don't want kids because they can be hard to deal with and hard to work with. But My older brother has a little girl, and I love that kid. He goes out of town to work, and his girlfriend and their daughter come to visit and because I look like him she calls me Daddy and runs to me. I like that part, the fact that the child feels protected by me, and wants to be around me.

Re:kids! :(((

yes i want kids but i want to adopt, i want a little girl some day :)

Re:kids! :(((

My sister always said that she didn't want kids, but has six now. I want kids, but I want to adopt them or have them. I can't deal with my sister's kids so I want some of my own that I can discipline them how I want to.

Re:kids! :(((

ya thats another thing. 9 months of ultra bigness and the of course giving birth! eeeeeek!

Re:kids! :(((

I'm going to adopt kids. I don't want to deal with pregnancy.

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